Meet Mr. Jeffrey Coker

Many people consider Ghana to be the "melting pot" of Africa. One has only to take a quick look around the capital city to see why. Asians, Europeans, and other fellow Africans sprinkle the streets, many of them adapting to our way of life. Every once in a while you may find a redheaded Italian speaking Ga, or an African-American making attempts to master Fante.

Ghanaians have always been known to embrace other cultures, and it is because of this reason that we are proud to introduce to you Mr. Jeffrey Coker. Jeffrey is actually Sierra Leonian by birth, but has lived in Ghana most of his life. He attended Ghana International School from elementary years until he completed his O'Levels after Form 5. He went on to attend Purdue University in Indiana, where he majored in Civil Engineering. While at Purdue, he developed an interest in Management Information Systems, and opted to minor in the discipline. Mr. Coker went on to graduate with a BS in Civil Engineering in 1997.He is currently working on earning his Master's degree to broaden his educational and professional horizons. He now has a promising career as a Junior Consultant with American Management Systems.

However his vision is far broader than his present state. Jeffrey Coker has full intentions of procuring a seat in the market place through volatile entrepreneurship strategies in the area of venture capital. Jeffrey manages juggles his time between his career, school, and duties as a volunteer. He gives a fair amount of time every week to aid victims of rape at the Dekalb Rape Crisis Center in Atlanta, GA. He has always had a big heart, a listening ear and a willingness to help others.

This budding businessman has a bright future of promise ahead of him. Though his roots may not be Ghanaian, we are certainly proud that he has flourished under Ghana's sun. Mr. Coker has shown that hard work, dedication and heart produce results and lay the right track for any young professional.

Jeffrey Coker, kudos to you!

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