The Breaking of Dawn - A message from the President of AGSP.

The year 2000 brought with it a vision to advance the welfare of Ghanaians everywhere by organizing the Association of Ghanaian Students and Professionals (AGSP), USA. The mission of AGSP is to encourage networking among Ghanaian students and professionals through collaborating, connecting, creating, serving, and learning. As a new generation of leaders our focus requires us to take a community based approach to foster progress. Our goals are

  • To provide a forum to express educated opinions about development in Ghana.
  • To develop AGSP as a knowledge-based support group for Ghanaians in the USA.
  • To provide a mentoring relationship between professionals and students in their various disciplines.
  • To increase awareness about Ghanaian students and professionals in the corporate, academic and professional circles.
  • To promote Ghanaian culture.

In the light of the above, I wish to invite you to register as a member of AGSP. As we seek to progress, we hope to create a good balance of activities and discuss issues that will meet the interests of both students and professionals. In the near future we will expand the organiztion to cover other Ghanaian students in the United Kingdom and other places. I therefore encourage you to share this information with other Ghanaians out of our scope.

I hear the cock crow! Its a new day-the breaking of dawn, a time to rise and work together.


N. Kodjo Adovor